Healthcare Information Technology

 We are challenging to enable healthcare service delivery beyond distance and resource issue with leveraging Telecom & Web technology.

 Leveraging knowledge, skills, experiences and expectations by doctors, nurses, social workers and all other medical persons to realize best system.

 Our focus is to maximize performance of each role in healthcare service and make beneficiaries happy.

 Keeping costs down, flexibility and familiarity of the system is our motto.

 We realize these features using mature existing technology, instead of new high technology. 

Traceable communication & care management

 We are making a customizable smart phone based platform that provides a paperless, efficient communication between Certified Nurse Assistants, Nurses, Doctors and Facility administrators in Skilled Nursing Facilities, to observe change in conditions and follow appropriate care paths to make informed decisions for minimizing hospital readmissions. It leverages the INTERACT care methodology and couples it with the digital communication platform on a smart phone, to provide a HIPAA compliant environment to maintain an independent record of Early Action Tool and SBAR forms, provide browser based admin & analytics and most importantly access to information history to enable doctors to make informed decisions, thereby minimizing hospital readmissions.

Features implemented


Be it IOS or Android, cell-phone, tablet, or laptop, the application  works on every favorite devices.


 Customizable care-paths are intuitively designed to mimic a physician's train of thought - Helping nurses file better reports and ask relevant questions to patients.


 Real time, instant notifications make interventional care timely and prevents unmanageable circumstances.

By the bedside

 With this application, doctors are a cell phone away from access to simple, meaningful, real-time nursing assessments, making informed decisions and delivering best care.


 Customizable, HIPAA compliant, OEM implementation, to integrate with existing Skilled Nursing Facility IT infrastructure.

Express check-in

 This application allows on boarding of new patients within the facility or remotely in a matter of minutes with minimal information.

Improved Communication

 Doctors and Nurses have access to a history of Early action Tool and SBAR forms to help make informed decisions, which in turn leads to minimization of unnecessary hospital readmissions.

How it works

  • Admit resident through web app
  • Mobile interface for Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), Nurse and Doctor
  • CNA uses mobile interface to observe changes in resident and fills the Early Action Tool
  • Nurse uses mobile interface to detail the observation using the SBAR.
  • Nurse/Doctors are notified on their mobile phones to bring the condition of the resident to their attention, for follow up action.
  • Doctor looks at the history of SBAR forms for the resident in order to make an informed decision to recommend further course of action.

Triaging, Service delivery and Management

 We've developed a mobile phone based service delivery and management framework that can be used in almost all public health delivery scenarios. At the heart of the system is a decision engine that can map provider/doctor knowledge thru decision trees, to collect symptomatic data based on the users responses to keystone questions. The system can be user programmed by domain health experts so that it can be used for various situations where a preliminary health condition or morbidity has to be ascertained or a differential diagnosis arrived at for the purposes of immediate attention or risk stratification . In addition to this core inference engine, the framework also has several features for automation of schedules, task distribution, task follow ups to completion, field worker training, performance review and management. A browser based admin interface allows for report generation, analytics and real time monitoring by the project offices from anywhere in the world.

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