Telecom Application

Telecom application will save (for consumer) or make (for business) money.

Additionally, it is not only making revenue by calling fee but also Business will enjoy some various benefits with having a "connection" with their clients thru the telecom application. 

We do integrate a telecom application into various businesses. 

Challenging to reduce voice calling cost and effective utilization of your free/flat data plan.

Doing cheaper your calling fee regardless Mobile Network Operators.

NUSCH.ZONE combines multiple communication routes in one single APP utilising best quality HD audio quality with little interference and reduced incidence of calls disconnecting.

NUSCH.ZONE internet to mobile phone calls and mobile to mobile calls either local or international are at the lowest rates on offer from any provider. 

                                                                                                                                                                                     Go to NUSCH.ZONE >> 

OEM for Business

Connectivity is like currency. Winning direct and unlimited access to customers, services, things and machines is vital for major industries. We would love to make you a connectivity provider - in your region, even globally.

Utilizing Cheap Call Application on your business will bring new revenue stream for your business.

Cheap Call Application will make your new business portal on client's Smartphone.

Your customer service via your own call application will rise your customer loyalty.

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It´s about money, better connectivity, a stronger market position:

Key benefits for:

  • Corporations and Organizations: Reduce costs by 85% on data, internet and telephony and through fundamental harmonization.
  • Social Media providers can now deliver services PLUS connectivity with superior availability.
  • Location Based Services can now deliver more complete and even develop new services.
  • M2M | IoT | Smart Remote: Providers can now deliver both and benefit double: applications PLUS connectivity.
  • Mobile Money: Banks, financial service and wallet providers gain direct and securest access to phones.
  • Travel & Transport: Tailor-made voice and data services without 3rd party dependencies.
  • Digital Health: International real-time control of machines and services.
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