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Setting up your extended development team in India for your strategic DX.

Arranging Digital Health research in India. 

Setting Up extended team

The purpose of this business is to maximize the benefits of using an overseas team and build a lasting relationship.

You will communicate directly with the overseas team.

Build the same relationship as the in-house team.


If that is difficult from the beginning, we will mediate, but as the final goal, we will lead the customer to directly manage the overseas team. 

Digital Health in India

The purpose of this project is to investigate India's leading success stories in telemedicine and to help develop ways to enter India and emerging markets.

There are various companies and organizations in India that are good at creating workflow systematically.

We are taking on the challenge of creating new value by combining your unique "things" and "technology" with the Indian system.

Start DX with companies in India!

Software Development

The industry sector and technology cover almost all requirements.

The motto is human-centered usability beyond technology.

The project can proceed even if there is no IT staff or technical department in the customer's organization.

We offer proposals and consultations by stepping into the customer's business plan and growth strategy.

If necessary, we will have a meeting and discussion on-site.


Annotation for Machine Learning

We are creating learning data for image recognition applications leveraged AI.

The object is faithfully marked and tagged with the intention of the data scientist or developer.

Though requiring a high degree of skill, we will respond to its labor-intensive work load fluctuations.

The dedicated team can work as continuously as the customer's in-house staff.

Supports various tools such as VGG Image Annotator (VIA), LabelImg, QGIS, etc.

Please contact us regarding the use of in-house tools.

Digital Health in India

We arrange research visits to local NGOs, graduate schools, medical research institutes, etc.

We will cooperate in the investigation of development issues, the investigation of making a project and the investigation of ODA projects.

We accept arrangements and follow-ups for joint research and trial tests.


In India, where human resources, supplies and funds are limited, telemedicine has been long leveraged to satisfy public health and public medical care.

Recently, they are shifting to the spread of a wider range of digital health.



Sharing our updates in timely manner!

Sharing our latest updates from following SNS also.

Company Introduction

We are a technology consultancy company have been running 13th year on Mar 2021, providing comprehensive consulting services for a company wants to challenge DX in healthcare sector.


Please don't hesitate to contact us for your realizing your idea.


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