10th anniversary thanks

Have been running 11th year on 2nd/Mar 2019 after starting our business as a technical services consultancy.

Our first business was a contractor as a technical marketing manager at Bluetooth SIG.

Current business is focusing software development and telecom application.

Could get good partners and resources during this 10 years.

Introducing resources and/or providing projects planning that will make realize a client's business requirement.

Business focus has been changing in various ways since at the beginning of our business as times goes by.

eHealth and free call application are some of specialized fields.

Working with some Japanese international NGOs for supporting to emerging countries in Asia is a recent topic.


According to these status changes, this homepage will be updated matching to current real business with step by step. 

I hope you give us continuous support after now.



Business Introduction

Software Development Resources!

while others talking!

Project in

India & Myanmar

Software Development Cost Down

High Skill

Low attrition

Remote Working

Earn while others talking!


New Revenue Stream!


Extend Your Reach!

Get More Subscribers!

Project in India & Myanmar

Our Partners

Argusoft India Ltd.

 Argusoft India Ltd. is a proven software service company with more than 17 years of experience in various projects around the world. Under the commitment of 'Quality on Time' we will work together with customers to develop applications.


                                   Go to  Argusoft India Ltd.  >>

Network Service Holdings HK Ltd.

 Network Service Inc. is a MvNE company that provides international mobile network construction services. We will prepare everything necessary for mobile communication business from hardware to software and operation.


                        Go to    Network Service Holdings HK Ltd.  >>



Sharing our updates in timely manner!

Sharing our latest updates from following SNS also.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for your realizing your idea.


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