10th anniversary thanks

Have been running 11th year on 2nd/Mar 2019 after starting our business as a technical services consultancy.

Our first business was a contractor as a technical marketing manager at Bluetooth SIG.

Current business is focusing software development and telecom application.

Could get good partners and resources during this 10 years.

Introducing resources and/or providing projects planning that will make realize a client's business requirement.

Business focus has been changing in various ways since at the beginning of our business as times goes by.

eHealth and free call application are some of specialized fields.

Working with some Japanese international NGOs for supporting to emerging countries in Asia is a recent topic.


According to these status changes, this homepage will be updated matching to current real business with step by step. 

I hope you give us continuous support after now.




Emerging Countries

 We are working with international cooperation NGOs to rectify the rapidly expanding disparities. We mainly investigate and analyze issues specific to each country in the emerging Asian countries and plan support projects. We are trying to create a sustainable mechanism that can respond quickly to changes in the situation.

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 We are working on eliminating the geography and time barriers between medical treatment and patients in a rural area.

 We are considering a system that is in line with human, institutional relationships and connections.

 We are aiming to enrich the region through resolution of regional medical problems.

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Software Development

 We augment client teams with their software development, testing, maintenance and support. Our primary focus is Business Automation and SOA system integration, leveraging Java, PHP, dotNet technologies. We deliver these services as turnkey projects or through our extended team model, providing a completely managed team, to ensure continuity and efficiency. 


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Emerging Countries

Medical Access

 We are working on solving medical problems in the target country with remote medical service which is considered as an effective means for improving medical access in rural areas and others. With the NGO, we will conduct on-site surveys of health care system, legal improvement, support of international organizations, status of private services, rural areas etc. and plan support projects. We will build a medical infrastructure that will be a market for superior medical equipment in Japan and contribute to the promotion of sustainable medical business.

Business Development

 We plan measures to expand domestic demand of the country, such as utilization of local companies and local human resources.

 We are trying to correct the disparity by creating a scheme that reduces wealth in urban areas to rural areas.

 We are trying to improve the purchasing power of the country as a whole and aim to form a market where Japanese products can be developed.


 We will promote collaboration with local companies, NGOs, administrative organizations and influential individuals who are familiar with the local circumstances. Respect the existing mechanisms of the country and the results so far, utilize local resources as much as possible and work on the creation of local employment.

Reduce the burden of supporters, we conducted a long-term support, we aim to market formation.

Successful Implementaion

Mother and Child Health

 It is a maternal and child health project by NGO and local government in rural areas in Gujarat, India. The NGO, SEWA - Rural presided over by a local doctor full of local love, has complemented the GAP with the provincial government 's measures and the current state of the region and has achieved results. We have implemented various measures concerning welfare independently and realize the continuation of the project.

Our partner Argusoft India Ltd. is also participating.


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Telephoto ophthalmology

 In this project, information and resources necessary for the continuation of the project, such as financing, participation in local communities, securing local human resources, training, monitoring, performance indicators, etc., have been predefined and demonstrated continuation is realized.

Our partner Argusoft India Ltd. is also participating.


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 We will manage disease management for patients living in areas far away from medical facilities.

Let's solve the problem of long distance hospital which can not be covered by medical system.

It is useful for administrative and private organizations working on health care education for residents of medical depopulation areas, counseling, providing regular and emergency medical care.

Team medical

 We will devise optimal measures for specific tasks for various kinds of site environments.

We are working on team collaboration of medical, nursing and nursing care.

It contributes to making a pleasant work environment even under severe and busy circumstances due to lack of medical personnel and/or care givers.


 We will work on creating a mechanism to share medical information among related medical institutions.

It aims to accurately convey the examination, diagnosis, treatment contents and explanation contents at each facility, and reflect it in medical treatment.

We plan the management of the entire process, from the start-up plan to the expansion of the scale, in accordance with local circumstances, participating organizations, collaborators and other circumstances unique to each region.

Use Case

Mobile Health

 As a use case of this model, when medical care at the elderly or at home, for example, from the observation of the daily state of the patient, prediction of possible physical condition changes is predicted in advance, and before the emergency occurs, the hospital delivery we will construct a mechanism to make advance correspondence such as making arrangements. We will realize comprehensive patient triage and management through collaboration among cooperating medical institutions, nurses, care givers, pharmacists and all stakeholders.

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 We share medical examination, diagnosis, treatment contents and medication record between core hospital and regional clinic, doctor, nurse / pharmacy, doctor, nurse and patient, and work on providing high quality health care regardless of residential area. We will aim to bring out leaps and bounds to busy business people who suffer from chronic disease and those who live in medical depopulation areas.

Software Development

Cost & Resource

 Our Managed Offshore Development Center model (mODC ) model is a step forward in bringing extended offshore teams to life.

mODC model, provides a managed team of developers, as an extension of client teams, with access to peripheral resources like BA, UI/UX, QA as needed. It will not only be possible to manage budget adopted to fluctuation by seasonality but also it will be possible to do further cost down by a dedicated staff who used to client's business.


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Clients Oriented

 Providing end to end IT software system integration solutions to our customers based on their custom requirements, using the latest tools and technologies - Define-Develop-Deploy-Support.

 Our primary area of technical expertise is in Enterprise Java. In addition to Enterprise java, our expertise includes design and development of applications in PHP, dotNet and C/C++. We have also considerable experience in developing applications for mobile devices using Android, iOS and JME.


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Quality On Time

 In addition to core development experience our team comprises of a team of Database Professionals, Graphics Professionals, Qualified Business Analysts as well as Quality Assurance Engineers.

 We maintain an independent QA team with certified QA engineers, separate from in-house development/testers. This ensures an objective testing of the software systems beyond the development testing.


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Sample Application

 Create an application to cheap voice calling charges for smartphone. Cheap calling becomes possible regardless of mobile phone company. International calling is also possible.
 We provide NUSCH.ZONE model case of actually available applications. Available on both Android and iPhone devices.


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Web conferencing

 We will create your own Web conference · chat application that enables communication and collaboration indispensable for smooth business execution. We provide various web conferencing applications such as for in-house communication, of course for online seminars and customer communication.

 We are making a customizable smart phone based platform that provides a paperless, efficient communication between CNAs, Nurses, Doctors and Facility administrators in Skilled Nursing Facilities, to observe change in conditions and follow appropriate care paths to make informed decisions for minimizing hospital readmissions. 

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 We've developed a mobile phone based service delivery and management framework that can be used in almost all public health delivery scenarios. At the heart of the system is a decision engine that can map provider/doctor knowledge thru decision trees, to collect symptomatic data based on the users responses to keystone questions. 


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Mobile Development

 We provide enterprise-grade mobile applications and software to startups and SMB companies. We've designed and developed enterprise grade mobile solutions for our clients in diverse industries like healthcare, education, restaurant supply chain, astrology etc.

Search Automation

 We are developing a tool that can be automated information search. For instance, we automate searching of product number, price, delivery date, supplier, etc that will be needed in a manufacturing industry.  It will be available for Travel, Human Resource, and other various industries. We search various information that will be needed by various industries from Website in the World.

Our Partners

Argusoft India Ltd.

 Argusoft India Ltd. is a proven software service company with more than 17 years of experience in various projects around the world. Under the commitment of 'Quality on Time' we will work together with customers to develop applications.


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Network Service Holdings HK Ltd.

 Network Service Inc. is a MvNE company that provides international mobile network construction services. We will prepare everything necessary for mobile communication business from hardware to software and operation.


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